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Elbow lock throw at a recent demonstration

Elbow lock throw at a recent demonstration

Welcome to The Martial View which is quickly becoming one of the most popular martial arts blogs on the web. I aim for The Martial View to be a place people can come and enjoy articles on topics relating to the martial arts. Topics can be discussed, debated and even disagreed upon, but the site will be ego free, with everyone just wishing to develop themselves more and get better at martial arts in general :). My history is mainly Yoshinkan Aikido which I hold a 3rd degree black belt in, but I love cross training and have also studied MMA, self defence, jiu-jitsu and some boxing. I am currently Lead Instructor and owner of Defence Lab Lincoln and teach martial arts in Lincoln. I love learning new skills, making new contacts and discussing new topics with people so I invite you all to have a look around the site and get involved 🙂

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Thanks everyone for the support and hope you enjoy the site and the content 🙂






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