Nice stuff nice people say about The Martial View

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Nice stuff nice people say!

It’s always nice to get good feedback from people both about The Martial View and about my own personal martial arts development! Here are some nice things, from nice people, which is nice!

“Since joining The Martial View Facebook Group and being interviewed on Dan’s blog, I’ve been able to share my documentary film project with just the right audience: people who do, love, and care about martial arts.” – Kenji DuBois Lee, Head of The Jacques Payet Project.

“Absolutely brilliant site run by a excellent martial artist (Dan Holloway). We were lucky enough to be asked to do an interview with him a few months ago. He does a great job promoting all different styles of martial arts and also helping individuals. Definitely a page to like and support!” – Lauren-Marie Edmunds of The Edmunds Sistas

“Dan is a rising star in the making, a talented individual and brilliant writer.  A fantastic, knowledgeable Martial artist. A brilliant personality & Class A instructor who truly delivers.” – Lucci Del-Gaudio, head of LDG Combat Ju-Jitsu

I first met Dan Holloway many years ago in the UK.His thirst for knowledge and his dedication to the martial arts have indeed been inspiring. He has continued to progress not only into a fine Martial artist but as a great ambassador and proponent for Aikido as a viable and effective Martial art. I look forward training with Dan again very soon”! – Jon Marshall, owner of Melbourne Budo Academy

“The Martial View is an excellent online blog that I highly recommend to anyone looking for quality interviews and information on anything and everything in the Martial Arts World”! – Chris Robert, owner of SAFE International

I predict Dan is one to watch as he undoubtably climbs the martial arts ladder” – Hanshi Trevor Roberts – Applied Jiu-Jitsu

Living in the States, it is unlikely I’ll get to meet in person this dynamic, well-trained, and fun martial artist; however, we share a similar desire to promote the benefits of martial arts through our words and actions. Dan is headed for success and I’m honored to be a part of his martial arts circle of friends, and an avid reader of his blog, The Martial View” Andrea Harkings, The Martial Arts Woman

The Martial View is a real treasure in the MA world. A place we can have sensible conversations about all aspects of MA in a real attempt to share and grow our knowledge and understanding. I teach and study HEMA (and weapons combat in general), and I have found The Martial View to be a welcoming place were even a little known art such as mine is welcomed and appreciated. Well done Dan and the gang, long may it continue” – Duncan McEvoy – HEMA

I don’t follow usually forums as a rule due to most ending up as advertising sites for clubs, new classes or the next new quick fix but The Martial Wiew is a forum/blog set up by the young and passionate Dan Holloway, and he keeps it fresh and up to date. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dan while he’s been supporting the kids with cancers charity events which just adds to my initial thoughts on what kind of person he is (the type of instructor our martial arts world needs). He’s got the makings of a leading self defence instructor, with a little more time coupled with his thirst for knowledge he is one to watch out for in the very near future” – Russell Jarmesty – Jarmesty Martial Arts Academy