5 steps to increased training!


5 steps to increased training!

Nearly a New Year! What are your goals for 2015? I have a few and to train more is one of them. Due to injuries and work commitments, training time has been tricky the past few months, but 2015 I’m back on it! Here’s 5 ways that I personally am going to increase my training time!

#5 – Surround yourself with like minded people!

Find training partners and people around you that have the same goals! I want to find a gym buddy in the new year to push me to go more, as well as just making it more fun when you’re with someone, pushing each other to push the extra rep, or increase the cardio time! The same with martial arts training, find people who want to train more and really progress in 2015, people looking for the next grading, or people wanting to instruct or attend more seminars. Surround yourself with people who want to get more involved and feed off that!

#4 – Train in AND out of the dojo!

Training at the dojo is easy. Once you’re there you train, then you leave and wait until the next class. Why? Why not go home and research the techniques, watch some YouTube videos of techniques, or demonstrations by your favorite martial artists! Watch an awesome movie like The Big Boss and get your martial arts fix that way! Buy books on the subject and read up, or read online articles and share and contribute to the discussion! Don’t just go train and leave, do your homework and a little bit extra!

#3 – Get yourself a decent training partner!

I’ve said before that a great training partner can make the world of difference when training and this is true! Grab yourself a great training partner in the New Year and push each other to do better, improve and work harder! You’ll be more dedicated to going to training, and your training time while you are there will improve dramatically!

#2 – Get inspired!

We all work better and train harder when we have something to train towards. Find someone that inspires you in your training, whether it be someone more experienced that you at your school, or a Sensei or teacher, and try and become more like them in your martial arts training! Get inspired and get training 🙂


Training is fun! Martial arts are fun! Yes they serve a purpose, can be hard, and can make you hate the art you do, but in the end if you aren’t enjoying yourself whats the point? This isn’t a job, you don’t have to do it, you dictate the training. Training you enjoy will make you more receptive to learning, as well as leaving you wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next class. So find a decent art, a decent school and ENJOY!!