Chatting with`Sales Samurai` John Molyneux.

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Today I’m chatting with John Molyneux, a Karate black belt with experience competing in Lethwei too! John is an expert in sales and marketing and has just released his own book – Sales Samurai Master: Get your black belt in sales.

We discuss John’s history in the martial arts, competing in Lethwei, and how you can overcome the fear of selling and rejection!

Selling can sometimes be the hardest part of the job for a martial artist and I know I certainly struggle with actually asking people for money. I know that rationally, we provide a service as martial arts instructors and should be paid, same as every other service, but there is still a mental block there for me!

Is it a fear of rejection? Do I not believe in my abilities as an instructor? Do I think I am charging too much! I definitely believe our academy offers amazing training for everyone and think it is reasonably priced, so maybe it’s that fear of someone saying no!

I discuss with John the best way to get over this fear, as well as some other tips for those who struggle with closing the deal, or actually asking for money for something you provide – whether it is martial arts or any other skill set.

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