The Martial View – Joe Thambu Shihan Interview Part 2

Joe Thambu Shihan is head of the Aikido Shudokan, based in Melbourne, Australia. The last man ever to be graded to 5th Dan by the founder of Yoshinkan Aikido, Shioda Gozo, Joe Sensei is now internationally renowned. He has a dynamic style and some say it has more of a practical flavor than other forms of Aikido in terms of self defence. Thambu Sensei has previously released material on restraint and removal and has real life experience working on the doors of Melbourne. We discuss this in part 2 of the interview and why Aikido is in the state it is currently in.

Part 1 of our interview discussed Joe Sensei’s background and his thoughts on the efficacy of Aikido. This part goes into more detail on this, and Thambu Sensei talks on why Aikido has such as bad reputation. He discusses his teaching style and the future of Aikido. He also discusses his current interview series #keeptheflamealive, where he interviews high ranking martial artists and discusses their training.

An incredibly well respected martial artist, Joe Thambu Sensei is someone I look up to (not physically :P) but in terms of his philosophy on martial arts and also life. He is the epitome of Budo in my opinion and it has been an honor to have him agree to be interviewed for this blog. Osu Sensei.

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