Unity in the Martial Arts


Unity in the Martial Arts

I wrote a post a few days back on the politics that seem to surround the Martial Arts. A lot of the feedback and discussions as a result of the article seem to say that where people are involved, politics will be involved. I completely accept this, but still think that politics seems to be particularly prevalent within the martial arts. So in the immortal words of Martin Luther King “I have a dream”! I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s something that could become a reality in 2015 if all goes to plan, but I have a vision of a massive martial arts event, all styles welcome, all backgrounds welcome. The only condition to entry is that you are open minded, willing to learn and respectful of the martial arts on offer. These martial arts could be traditional, say Aikido, Taekwondo or Judo, could be Reality Based such as Defence Lab or Krav Maga, or sports based such as the GHOST system developed by Phil Norman (look out for an interview with him being posted in the next couple of days)! All combat arts would be on offer, instructors would become students of other instructors and learn a bit of their style before teaching their own to both students and other instructors. In short everyone, whether you’re a white belt or a black belt, would learn together.


It would be ego free, politics free and massive for the martial arts community. Sure seminars exist at the moment, you get some massive names doing tours all over the world. But how often do people from other styles go to those seminars? If there’s a Judo seminar with a massive international name, do many non-Judo guys go? I think not, even though as I’ve already theorised before, all martial arts come down to the same thing in the end so we can learn something from everyone regardless of rank, years spent doing martial arts, or style you train in!

This is my dream for the future! A politics free seminar, big names in martial arts, all styles working together to enhance learning, build networks and increase exposure for the martial arts. What do you guys think? Good idea in theory but never possible in practice? We shall see! Watch this space!!

2 thoughts on “Unity in the Martial Arts

  1. Great idea, but I would start smaller, why not try and get together a few instructors from different Aikido schools or from the different branches of Aikido, and have a get together and share techniques?

    We did this in our area by starting a series of mini seminars on the filipino martial arts on a quarterly basis. We welcome all instructors and students who are interested in the FMAs, regardless of rank, style, etc. etc. Right now we are planning our 4th seminar and we average about 25-30 people at each event.

    Each seminar runs 4 hours and we have 3-4 instructors teaching at each event (1 hr each) and we rotate and welcome in new instructors to get on the teaching rotation. Prior to each seminar the instructors plan out what they are going to teach on, then we advertise/promote it. We have had instructors teaching from several different styles of FMAs at each event on different topics.

    The more instructors that have attended the more we can add to the teaching roster etc. etc. This allows our students (of the instructors who are attending) to see how similar and yet diverse the FMAs are. As an instructor I get to see new ideas and new teaching methods. It works out great for everyone, and the responses from the attendees has been very positive.

    This works because we keep it small as in local (Dallas Ft. Worth area), and we keep it focused on the FMAs; this way everyone has something in common and everyone already knows how to swing a stick.

    However trying to teach a boxer or a karate ka a blending technique found in Aikido might be a totally different story.

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