Work with me


Work with me

I’m always on the look out to work with other bloggers, companies or individuals in order to build more links and meet new people. The Martial View is quickly becoming one of the most popular Martial Arts blogs on the internet and it’s due to get people like yourself getting involved! We have a fantastic Facebook group where people can discuss and debate and I also welcome discussion on this site itself. Our fans are spread out across the world and we are lucky enough to have secured interviews and posts from some of the leading individuals in the Martial Arts and Self Defence world. It’s awesome! I enjoy reviewing products but will always give my honest opinion. If I think it’s a great product, i’ll say so. If I don’t… I wont. My readers expect honesty and integrity from the site and I’ll continue providing that as long as this site is running :).

As said however, if you’re interested in The Martial View reviewing a product, doing a sponsored post, or collaborating in some other way. Please feel free to get in touch via or send me a message over Facebook or Twitter.

I distribute all my content across social media including my Facebook group containing nearly 2000 members and twitter with over 500 followers.

Services I offer

  • Guest posts/articles
  • Interviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media
  • Workshops/Events

All packages and prices are tailor made to the project depending on the scope and length of it. If you have some upcoming projects and feel we could work together on it, feel free to get in touch!

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